Chatham Virtual School

What is Chatham Virtual School?

As an online public school, Chatham Virtual School (CVS) offers Full-Time and Supplemental enrollment for students in grades K-12 who find themselves looking for a new setting, a change of pace, credit recovery courses, or courses not offered at their current school. Our Full-Time students also have access to special education, guidance counseling, and social/emotional support services. Regardless of your situation, CVS can be a convenient option for families in need of a non-traditional setup.

Opportunities Offered at CVS

Our virtual school is currently accepting Full-Time and Supplemental students for the 2020-2021 school year!

Applying is easy! Visit our enrollment form below to begin the application process today, or contact our Online Coordinator, Megan Moody, at for more information.

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  • College Credit
  • Special Education Services
  • Diploma Completion
  • Online Courses Grades K-12
  • Full or Part-Time Enrollment
  • Social/Emotional Counseling

Chatham Virtual School is a combination of online resources and instructional tools to deliver an optimal online educational experience. Convenient and user-friendly, our online platforms provide students with flexible learning and instructional settings that meet the needs of every type of learner. 
All CVS course content is aligned with the Alaska K-12 Academic Standards. Middle and High School courses we currently offer can be found here:
Full-Time CVS students may have the opportunity to participate in the College attainment program, where they could earn FREE college credit while fulfilling high school graduation requirements.

Chatham Correspondence Program

Those interested in alternative education should also explore Chatham's Correspondence Program.